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Changing the game for canine fitness. FitPAWS is one of the most respected brands in dog agility equipment, fitness and rehab. FitPAWS products are specifically designed for dog agility, conditioning and rehab. FitPAWS professional-grade heavy-duty PVC material is formulated for use with dogs, provides superior gripping and resists damage caused by dog nails to ensure long-lasting dog agility equipment.more info....

Balance training can help dogs with body awareness (proprioception) and self-confidence as they learn to master changing and unstable environments. Puppies can be started early with balance training.

The FitPAWS Wobble Board is a great dynamic balance training tool. Your dog will not only develop balance skills but will also improve its core strength as it works to maintain its center of gravity on the board.

The Peanut is used for core conditioning of sporting and working dogs as well as for animal rehabilitation and therapy. The unique shape of the peanut limits its movement to front/back or side/side, important for dogs new to this type of training.

The FitPAWS Egg is a new shape of stability ball for the advanced canine athlete! It has a greater balance challenge due to its uneven shape and will shift in multi directions for advanced proprioception and body awareness.

The FitPAWS Donut may be used as a balance training tool or for core strengthening for small dogs that may be overwhelmed by the Peanut or Egg. It can also be used for weight bearing therapy.

The Ultimate In Canine Fitness Training
The only FUNctional canine fitness apparel that lets your dog do more! K9FITvest is four vests in one, making it easy to incorporate gradual therapeutic resistance training, cooling, sensory integration and safety into all of your dog's activities.

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