Demanet Civil Deconditioning Kevlar Bite Suit
  • Demanet Civil Deconditioning Kevlar Bite Suit

Demanet Civil Deconditioning Kevlar Bite Suit

  • Model: [33657]
  • Manufacturer: Demanet


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Demanet Bite Suits are widely considered to be the best bite suits on the market today. Demanet Civil Deconditioning Bite Suits are constructed of Kevlar material. Low profile and designed to be worn under clothing such as hoodie, jacket and track pants.

This is a very specialized training suit and is only to be used by very experienced decoys, an in-experienced or un-skilled decoy will may be injured. Even as an experienced decoy, please expect a large amount of pressure. We suggest the time of allowing the dog to bite on the suit is no more than 3 seconds. For use with experienced and highly skilled decoys. A skilled and experienced decoy will endure a significant amount pain will working in this suit and

The Demanet Civil Deconditioning Kevlar Bite Suit is available in black only and must be made to size.

How to Order a Custom Size Suit
1) Enter your measurements (refer to the How to Measure image for assistance)
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bite suit measurements
IMPORTANT: Please identify custom measurements as inches or cm and double check your measurements as there are no exchanges, returns or refunds on custom suits.

*Bite suits require approximately 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.

**Shipping is based on locations within the continental US. Shipping outside of the Continental US will be extra.

Announcement from Henryk Demanet,
owner and founder of Demanet International

Are you sure you are buying an authentic Demanet suit?
What guarantees are you being given?

DemanetThe Demanet International line of dog protection clothing is simply the best in the world. We have been producing the world leading fabric for over twenty years now.

There is only one Demanet Manufacturing Factory, located in Spain and managed by Henryk Demanet himself. The detail and manufacturing of his suits are technically too complex to be entrusted to a third party manufacturer. There is an exclusive patent on Demanet's fabric. Demanet perfected his fabric, which has been tested for more than 20 years. One can not compare the Demanet fabric to the fabrics used by competitors. This protective suit has been subjected to conformity tests by a French laboratory: The Institut Francais du Textile et de l'Habillement (I.F.T.H.) 69000 Lyon, France. It is certified to conform and an official affidavit of conformity has been given.

Please note, it has come to our attention that some manufacturers or distributors are selling copies of Demanet's suits because they are not able to create a similar suit with their own name or trademark. Know your dealer and if in doubt you are always welcome to contact me directly at

We do recommend All K-9 Inc. as an authorized distributor for the Demanet International line of bite suits.

Train smart, train safe.
Henryk Demanet
March 2010


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