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Ear Support Glue

Ear Support Glue


  • Manufactured by: Redline K-9

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New! Tear Mender Dog Ear Support Glue
Tear mender is a convenient and effective alternative to using tape or bandages for shaping dog ears. It is safe, non-toxic and wash proof (staying put until removal is desired). Size 2 oz.
Note: Ear position varies by breed and the dogs natural set, so be sure to consult a professional or breed manual for proper positioning. It is recommended to test area for reaction before application.

Using Tear Mender on dog ears to attach ear support forms

Preparation of the ear
  • Hair on the inside of the ear flap should not be removed
  • The ear canal should be flushed with hydrogen peroxide and left to dry for 10 minutes before proceeding
  • Using cotton dipped in alcohol clean the outside and inside of the ear flap

Applicaton of Tear Mender
  • Apply tear mender to the hair on the area of the head to which the ear form is to be fixed
  • Apply tear mender to the upper portion (tip) of then inside of the ear flap
  • The ear form can now be positioned
  • Holding in place for 30 seconds or until it sets

NOTE: The position should be watched for a few days and repositioned if adjustment is needed. The ear should be left until hair growth loosens it. The ear form is then gently separated from the ear and the adhesive is easily peeled off.

  • Apply bandage remover to hair and then use an extra fine flea comb. Bandage remover is available from drugstores. We suggest Uni-Solve, Detachol or a little baby oil.

  • Dog Ear support forms are made out of special foam-rubber, it is like adding an extra layer of cartilage. These ergonomically designed ear props give support to the ears and promote proper shape and growth. They are approximately 4 in long and molded into the shape of an ear.

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