K-9 Defender Body Armor Level II
  • K-9 Defender Body Armor Level II
  • K-9 Defender Body Armor Level II
  • K-9 Defender Body Armor Level II

K-9 Defender Body Armor Level II

  • Model: [K9DEFENDER]
  • Manufacturer: ForceOne

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The K-9 Defender armor system with Axiom II Ballistics offers the same level of protection that is available to any officer.

The ForceOne K-9 Defender vest is the first line of defense for your canine partner. It offers outstanding ballistics with ease of movement, breathe-ability and cooling comfort in a rigorously field-tested vest you can rely on again and again.

  • Innovative one-piece frontal protection and adjustable strapping provides increased protection and ease of use for K-9 handlers.
  • Designed with a rugged outser shell that can be easily removed for cleaning and comes in your choice of stock colors, along with a removable ID panel featuring your choice of lettering for enhanced visibility.
  • Each K-9 Defender is custom manufactured based on each K-9 officers specific measurements.
  • The K-9 Defender is sturdily constructed with Axiom II Ballistics which offers the same NIJ Level II protection available in ForceOne's concealable vests.

Because each vest is custom-made to your canine officer's measurements and because ForceOne uses only the finest high-performance materials, you can be confident that your canine partner will enjoy ease of movement, breathe-ability and cooling comfort.

Easy 4 Point Measuring Instructions:
1. Width between the front legs.
2. Lowest point of the neck to the furthest point of the underbelly (just at the hind legs).
3. From the base of the neck, down the back to the front of the hind legs.
4. Circumference of the widest part of the torso.

Additional Info:
Level II: Weight approx 5-8 lbs. A good balance between blunt trauma protection, versus cost, thickness, comfort and conceal-ability. Handles the blunt trauma of higher velocity +P rounds better. Spike and stab protection can also be added but has higher weight and cost ratio.
Other colors available, please contact us.

NIJ Certified Products

All ForceOne body armor products have been tested and meet or exceed the rigorous standards and certification of the NIJ at multiple threat levels.

For body armor standards and information please visit the National Institute of Justice.

Downloadable Document:
Selection and Application Guide to Personal Body Armor (NIJ Guide 100-01)

This NIJ Guide responds to questions about the selection and use of body armor for law enforcement and corrections. It includes information from the latest NIJ standard on ballistic resistance of body armor (0101.04), as well as information on NIJ's new standard on stab resistance of body armor (0115.00). The guide provides information to help determine what level of protection is consistent with the threats to which individual officers are exposed. It describes the various armor styles available, along with the proper care of armor in service. The NIJ standards are discussed in detail, as well as the use of the standards in armor procurement.

Documents are available in ASCII Text and PDF formats. Clicking on the links will open a new browser window.

*Body armor takes approx 4-6 weeks to receive.


by M. Clark on 01/15/2010
Being a K-9 handler is a dangerous and demanding job. The protection level offered by the ForceOne K-9 Protector enhances our mission effectiveness and versatility in the field. ForceOne has consulted with me on the design of this garment to create one of the most effective field solutions on the market for K-9 protection. - Mike Clark Certified Police K-9 Trainer with more than 25 years experience; Two-time Police K-9 National Champion

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