Scent Detection

Revolutionize your K9 Scent detection training with scent kits from ScentLogix-K9 scientifically developed for the training of K9's in the scent detection of narcotics and explosives.more info....
ScentLogix™ ScentKits are the world's #1 non-hazardous K9 explosives training kits and non-hazardous narcotics detector-K9 training kits. The most comprehensive scentkits in the world, they set the gold standard for non-hazardous scent detection kits. ScentLogix™ ScentKits Kit's non-hazardous specifications exceed current Canadian, British, European, Australian and South African canine training kit standards and all US Military, Police, Customs and DHS canine explosives training kits specifications.

The explosive scent kits provide a full-spectrum K9 explosives detection scents including: TATP, HMTD, DB-Smokeless Powder, TNT, Semtex A, Semtex H, Semtex A+H, Dynamite, Explosive Taggants, Black Powder, Tagged RDX and Untagged RDX.

The ScentLogix™ modular range of non-hazardous narcotics ScentKits provide unparalleled flexibility in narcotics detection training. The scent detection kit's non-hazardous specifications and overall detection range exceeds current DEA and US Customs and other international narcotics scent kit configurations.
Available Narcotics ScentKits currently include: Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, and Heroin.

All scent detection kits also include accessories such as six aid-protecting outer bags, scent-flow indicating matchsticks to observe true air movements, a step-by-step user guide, a science-inspired logbook, plus full product support. We also carry a complete selection of scent detection training aids and narc bags including leather scent bags, canvas scent bags and nylon scent bags.

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