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ScentLogix SSE200 Exposive ScentKit Bundle

ScentLogix SSE200 Exposive ScentKit Bundle

ScentLogix SSE200 Exposive ScentKit Bundle


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  • Model: SSE200
  • Manufactured by: ScentLogix K-9

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The ScentLogix™ SSE200 K-9 ScentKit provides a flexible selection of non-hazardous gold standard peroxide and non-peroxide ScentLogix™ ScentKits and can be personalized to satisfy or exceed all national and international explosives detector-K9 programs and K9-based anti-terrorist activities.

The SSE200 includes 1 of the following:
  • 1 TATP ScentKit
  • OR
  • 1 HMTD ScentKit

Plus 4 of the following:
  • DB-Smokeless Powder
  • TNT
  • Semtex A
  • Semtex H
  • Semtex A+H
  • Dynamite
  • ICAO-Mandated Explosive Taggants
  • U.S. Tagged RDX
  • Any-Region Tagged RDX
  • Untagged RDX
  • PETN

Five ScentKits in total. Each SCENTLOGIX™ Scent Kit contains 2 individual scent training aids each providing a 1 YEAR supply of research-grade odor (based on 6 hours of training every week for 1 year) OR (up to 2 YEARS if used consecutively), 1 aid-protecting outer bag and *1 step-by-step user guide and *1 science-inspired logbook (*available for download online).

ScentLogix scents are not powders like other pseudo scents and do not require transferring the odor to other materials. They are a silica based product and come in a self-contained package. The can keep their odor for up to a year without diminishing.

To use the product you remove it from the zip lock foil pouch and place it inside a narc bag or scent stash box. When finished, simply place it back inside the foil pouch and store in a refrigerated environment.

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