Bite Suits

Professional bite suits from Demanet. Police dog training, military working dog training, ring sport and personal protection dog training requires high quality dog training equipment that protects both the decoy and the dog during rigorous protection training. Bite suits are a very important part of this type of training. Here at All K-9, we offer the finest bite suits available for every type of dog training scenario.more info....
These are the best bite suits available anywhere. Choose from the heavy bite suit, medium bite suit, kimono style or semi-comp suits for ring sport. We also have civil and Kevlar bite suits designed to be worn under clothing. Training weight bite suits have extra padding for hard biting dogs, whereas civil deconditioning suits made with Kevlar are thin so they can be worn under clothing for tactical training. You choose the level of protection you need based on the type of dog training you do. You can also choose the style of cut, standard or kimono, the color pattern and the size, or have it custom fit.

Preferred by police, military and civilian dog trainers everywhere for its high quality, durability and mobility, our bite suits are the safest and most reliable K-9 training bite suits available. In addition to bite suits, we also carry a wide variety of protection dog training equipment including neoprene gauntlets, helmets, hand protectors, hidden sleeves, bite sleeves, bite sleeve covers, scratch jackets and scratch pants. Everything you need to start training your puppy or maintain your working K9, can be ordered online here at All K-9.
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