Blinds & Jumps

The best full size folding schutzhund blinds and adjustable 1 meter schutzhund jump on the market!more info....

Professional schutzhund dog jumps and blinds. Our Redline K-9 1 meter schutzhund dog jump is made from fabricated steel. It has a very sturdy base and the jump height easily adjusts to safely encourage the dog to clear the bar without touching!<br> <br> Professional, full size, collapsible schutzhund blinds. Our Redline K-9 portable schutzhund blinds are fabricated from high stress aluminum and covered with 19oz PVC vinyl making these folding blinds extremely weather resistant and durable. Each Blind weights just 13 Lbs. Quick, easy one person setup. Perfect for protection or schutzhund training and schutzhund trials.<br> <br>
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