Dog Body Armor Phoenix
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  • Dog Body Armor Phoenix

Dog Body Armor Phoenix

  • Manufacturer: Survival Armor


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Dog Body Armor Phoenix - Flexible, thin, and light
Level II
Level III-A

Cover your K9 partner with a K-9 ballistic vet. Our dog body armor has a D-ring for leash attachment and eight unique front and side adjustments for the perfect fit. Survival Armor gives you the ability to configure the perfect body armor combination for your K9 and All K-9 makes it easy by offering 3 different types (Performance, Phoenix or the top of line Paladin) and 2 levels of protection (II or IIIA).

In following the tradition of the Phoenix product line, Survival Armor introduces the NIJ 0101.06 Phoenix6 ballistic package. When designing the Phoenix6 ballistic package, quality and officer safety were top concerns. The Phoenix line of ballistic protection offers our patented VisiBallistics with a combination of high performance ballistic materials for both maximum protection and comfort.

Ordering Made Simple
After choosing the type: (Performance, Phoenix or the top of line Paladin)
1) Select the Level (II or IIIA).
2) Enter the measurements
3) And finally, choose your carrier collar and graphic panel text.

ballistic vest measurements
Technical Specification
  • Level II – NIJ 0101.06 Requirement
  • Model Number LT-II
  • Ballistic Material Aramid/Dyneema
  • Pad Cover TPU Coated Ripstop
  • NIJ Level II
  • Weight (Areal Density) 1.03 lbs/ft2
  • Thinness .216 inches
  • V50 9mm – Threat 1 New Armor 1634 fps
  • V50 357mag – Threat 2 New Armor 1596 fps
  • Certification Backface- 9 mm – Threat 1 New Armor 25.5 mm
  • Certification Backface- 357 mag – Threat 2 New Armor 30.8 mm

  • Level IIIA – NIJ 0101.06 Requirement
  • Model Number LT-IIIA
  • Ballistic Material All Aramid
  • Pad Cover TPU Coated Ripstop
  • NIJ Level IIIA
  • Weight (Areal Density) 1.24 lbs/ft2
  • Thinness .24 inches
  • V50 .357 sig 1754 fps
  • V50 .44 mag 1580 fps
  • Certification Backface- .357 sig 27 mm
  • Certification Backface- .44 mag 36 mm


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