Herm Sprenger Choke Chain Chrome 3mm

Herm Sprenger Choke Chain Chrome 3mm

  • Manufacturer: Herm Sprenger

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Herm Sprenger 3mm Choke Chain. Herm Sprenger Chrome Choke Chains made of durable, high quality, chrome plated steel for beauty and long life. All rings and swivels are stamped with HS-Germany, Germany, or HS to ensure you have the real thing!

Tips: Having a properly fitted choke chain is extremely important in training your dog. Measure around the middle of your dog's neck and add approx 2 inches to this measurement for slack. For breeds with large heads, you must also consider your dog's head size to make sure the collar will fit over the dog's head.

3.0mm, 16in
3.0mm, 18in
3.0mm, 20in
3.0mm, 22in
3.0mm, 24in
3.0mm, 26in
3.0mm, 28in
3.0mm, 30in

Note: (mm) refers to the thickness of the links and (in) refers to the approximate length of the collar. Collar length measurements are from end to end (including end rings). The collars are initially measured in centimeters (cm) and then converted to the closest whole inch (in) measurement +/-.

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by Laura Rackowski on 04/11/2019
Excellent quality product which reminds in pristine condition after long use. A very strong and reliable collar.

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