Handcrafted solid wood schutzhund obedience dog dumbbells. Complete dumbbell sets for schutzhund trials, individual dog dumbbells for schutzhund training and floating knobby vinyl retrieve dummies for hunting dog retrieve training.more info....

These high quality schutzhund dumbbells are hand crafted from solid hardwoods. You can choose from a complete set or purchase individual dumbbells for schutzhund training or trial. We also carry covered dumbbells, dumbbells with an oval bar to prevent chewing, dumbbells with rope handles and knobby vinyl retrieve dummies that float for hunting dog training.

Solid Wood Official Schutzhund Trial Dumbbells
SchH1 Wood Schutzhund Dumbbell .65kg
SchH2 Wood Schutzhund Dumbbell 1KG
SchH3 Wood Schutzhund Dumbbell 2KG

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