PE-900P Pro Educator Plus E-Collar 1/2 Mile Advanced Training System

PE-900P Pro Educator Plus E-Collar 1/2 Mile Advanced Training System

  • Model: [PE-900P]
  • Manufacturer: E-Collar Technologies

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NEW! PE-900 Pro Educator Plus E-Collar 1/2 Mile Advanced Training System
The Pro Educator is the most advanced remote dog trainer ever devised. It boasts features never seen before that provide for the most humane experience for both the owner and dog alike.

The PE-900 Pro Educator Plus Remote Dog Trainer is identical to the regular PE-900 Pro Educator with the exception of an additional receiver on the collar strap. The extra receiver allows the collar to sit a little looser on the dogs' neck while still delivering consistent and even stimulation. Collars that are too tight on a dogs neck can restrict the musculature while the dog is barking.

PLUS means that the unit comes with:

  • 2 receivers on the one collar. It is a single dog unit and both receivers are pre-programmed on the same frequency and operated by 1 transmitter (handheld).
  • The reason that we use the PLUS is the receiver boxes can be fitted either side of the dogs throat rather than applying pressure to the throat, robbing the dog of air. Yes you can fit a single dog unit to one side of the neck but it will shape the way the dog works. For example if the receiver is fitted to the right side of the neck then the dogs head will move to the right in avoidance of the stim. This can be an issue for dogs in bite work, heel work etc. The PLUS over comes this.
  • The dual receivers also mean that there is greater surface area to spread the stim over so it is actually easier on the dog.
  • Finally and MOST importantly, dogs with thick coat types can sometimes be a struggle to obtain or maintain good connection with, so this can end up resulting in the collar having to be quite tight. The PLUS will enable the collar to be fitted quite a bit looser and lower than any other configuration. This means more air for the dog, less collar smart dogs and better connections.

The new Pro Educator 900 Plus E-Collar Technologies collar is fully customizable! You have the ability to 'lock out' high stim to prevent over correcting a dog. You also have the ability to program the buttons to perform the functions you want. There is a new ramp feature on the stim too (similar to a volume button). The ramp will start at a preset (that you set) and continue to stim over time (that you also set) to a fixed high stim (that you also set). For example; you set the initial stim to 20 and have the ramp go to 35 (15 boost) over 2 seconds. Hit the nick and it does just that. Great for conditioning behaviors. Another special feature is the remote finder... OK, so you've misplaced your remote, we've all done it... The new PE-900 Plus has a nice feature to help you locate a 'hidden' remote. All of this and it's also programmable via a USB link to your home PC. How cool is that!

Detailed Information:
1/2 mile range
Easily expandable to 3 dogs
Waterproof and shock resistant
User adjustable boosting levels
Lock and set stimulation feature
Collar receiver light for night tracking
Stimulation levels adjustable from 0-100
Operates on quick charge Li-Polymer batteries
Computer connection for additional features.
Patented "I" Mode provides instant stimulation
Convenient intensity dial for quick adjustment
6 selectable vibrations and 3 selectable tones
2 ramping modes, 1 second and 2 second ramp boost
2 yr. mfg. warranty, 60 day money back guarantee.

Detailed Description
The Pro Educator is the most advanced remote dog trainer ever devised with never-before-seen features offering the most humane experience for dog and owner alike.

This is the first completely customizable e-collar ever to be developed. The collar has 4 main function buttons that can be set to any of the 9 different stimulation modes. You can further customize each of these modes by setting a max level, changing the boost level, adjusting the volume of tone, as well as the type and amount of vibration.

This new ability to customize the features on an e-collar is unique to the Pro Educator. There are 2 ways to customize your collar:
1) a program button that allows you to cycle each button through all 9 modes. You will have the ability to program the buttons on the fly, or
2) you can use a user-friendly software program that allows you to connect the transmitter to your computer and set it up for your specific needs or training style. The software to customize your collar is free and can be downloaded using the link below. The software is currently only available for PC.

PE-900 PC Interface Download

The Pro Educator is expandable to 3 dogs. Additional receivers are sold separately. Directions on how to sync your extra receivers to the transmitter are very simple and can be found in the owner’s manual. Once you have expanded the system into a 2 or 3 dog collar, you will also have the ability to set different types of stim, different max levels, and different boost levels for each dog. The collar can be set up to switch between dogs, or you can simply set up a different button for each dog.

The plus model comes with 2 receivers programmed to the same frequency, and also comes standard with a bungee collar in order to ensure good contact from both receivers. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Proudly Assembled in the USA.

Training Modes:
Send various stimulation sensations including:
Momentary Boost
Continuous Boost
Ramp Boost
and Instant (no button pushing required)



by Debbie Wells on 07/18/2019
Order came very quick. Also received a call to make sure order was correct. Thank you.

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