ScentLogix SSE-300 Explosive ScentKit Bundle

ScentLogix SSE-300 Explosive ScentKit Bundle

  • Model: [SSE-300]
  • Manufacturer: ScentLogix K-9


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ScentLogix SSE-300 Explosive Scent Detection ScentKit Bundle
The ScentLogix SSE-300 K-9 ScentKit bundle comes in either a 2-Aid configuration and is the most comprehensive non-hazardous explosives detector-K9 training kit in the world.

New and Improved! The ScentLogix K9 training pseudo scents are the world's best scent training odors for the evaluation and training of detection dogs.

We are glad to announce that significant improvements have been made in enhancing both the quality and value of our entire product range and accessories. Our new nanotechnology-based formulation process has resulted in a 34% enhancement of the scent quality and a 300% improvement in the longevity of all our aids. Each imprint aid is now producing more than 18 months of consistently high quality odor in comparison to the 6 months (at 6 hrs per week) of user life we suggested for our original products. So one imprint aid is now better than two of the original ones!

The wide range of SSE-300 gold-standard, non-hazardous ScentKits provides unparalleled flexibility in narcotics detection training. This kit's non-hazardous specifications and overall detection range exceeds current DEA, US Customs and other international explosives scent kit configurations. SHIPPING INCLUDED!

The SSE-300 ScentKit bundle includes both of the following complete 2-Aid ScentKits:

  • HMTD
  • TATP

Plus any 4 of the following complete 2-Aid ScentKits:

  • All-Base Smokeless Powder
  • Ammonium Nitrate IED/HME
  • Ammonium Nitrate/Urea/li>
  • Black Powder
  • Dynamite
  • ICAO-Mandated Explosive Taggants
  • Nitrocellulose
  • Nitroglycerin
  • Potassium Chlorate
  • Semtex (A+H)
  • Sodium Chlorate
  • Tagged RDX
  • TNT
  • Untagged RDX

Six ScentKits in total.

2-Aid K-9 ScentKit Contains:

  • 2 Imprint aids
  • 1 Aid protecting outer bag
  • 1 Above-ground stash cage with magnet
  • 1 Below-ground stash pipe
  • 1 Scentable towel in an air-tight container

step-by-step user guide and *1 science-inspired logbook (*available for download online).

The ScentLogix K9 Scentkits for the Detection of Illicit and Hazardous Substances are the world's first scientifically developed, purpose built, multiplatform scent kit for the evaluation and training of detection dogs. The currently available explosives and narcotic detection scentkits were developed to provide essential scent signatures of explosives and narcotics, which, in conjunction with a comprehensive training regiment, will enhance the scope of detection of canines and other search-and-detect creatures towards the detection of these substances.

ScentLogix scents are not powders like other pseudo scents and do not require transferring the odor to other materials. They are a silica based product and come in a self-contained package. The can keep their odor for up to a year without diminishing.

To use the product you remove it from the zip lock foil pouch and place it inside a narc bag or scent stash box. When finished, simply place it back inside the foil pouch and store in a refrigerated environment.


Not for export. Shipping is based on locations within the continental US. Shipping outside of the Continental US by quote only. Orders may require ScentLogix approval. Please allow 2+/- weeks for delivery.

No Returns, no exchanges on scent imprint aids.


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