First Aid & Safety

Keep your dog safe with our professional dog first aid kits, wound care packs, Doggles protective eye wear and illuminated leashes for safety and visibility at night.more info....
Be prepared when accidents happen with our professional dog first aid kits, trauma kits and wound care packs. The Professional Kit is the right choice for the field dog, hog dog, competitive sport dog, or law enforcement dog. If the hunt takes you off the beaten path, you will appreciate the versatility and peace of mind this kit offers. The first aid essentials kit is perfect for keeping in your hunting vest, blind bag, or hiking pack. The Essentials kit gives you the necessary tools to handle minor to moderate injuries to your dog. The wound care kit has the bare necessities for treating your dog's wounds in a handy combo pack.

Prevention is a big part of dog safety, so we also carry Doggles to protect your dog from wind, debri and UV rays and a selection of illuminated leashes, collars that glow in the dark and SpotLit strobe lights to keep your dog safe at night.
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