All K-9 Dog Equipment

Welcome to the All K-9 Blog! We will be discussing everything related to dog equipment, dog training and dog sports like schutzhund ipo, ringsport and similar activities. I will start off by telling you a little about All K-9 and what makes us unique.

In 1989 (just before I entered the service) I was invited to a friend of a friends house and introduced to schutzhund. I was working at a guard dog kennel at the time and doing some training there but this was my first experience with schutzhund. It was also the first time I put on a bite sleeve and “caught” a dog… I loved it. I immediately knew I was going to do schutzhund.  However, not long after this, Iraq invaded Kuwait and I volunteered to serve my country in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My schutzhund plans were put on hold…

Fast forward “a few” years after leaving the military, going to college, getting married, working for the DOD and having children, I found myself back in California. I went to work for my father in the family cotton business and after “a few” more years of raising a family and starting a new career, I was finally able to dedicate some time to getting involved in schutzhund. Lucky for me, there were multiple active schutzhund clubs located throughout California.

The year is now 1999 and I started searching for schutzhund events, trials and seminars. I started doing schutzhund training with a German Shepherd Dog we rescued named Sasha. She was a wonderful, willing and extremely smart dog. Naturally protective combined with a rock solid temperament. She embodied all of the excellent qualities German Shepherd Dogs are known for. Unfortunately Sasha was a little older and to really start rigorous schutzhund training, I was going to need a younger dog.

So in 2001 I began looking for a puppy bred for schutzhund. After a false start and the loss of Sasha due to DM (degenerative myelopathy) I was lucky enough to find some great people and eventually a pup… Nixie von Sontausen. Around this same time I began searching for dog training equipment and there really wasn’t a whole lot available (especially online). I knew the type and quality of equipment I wanted, I just couldn’t find it. So I decided to start my own company and in 2003 All K-9 was born. I have been training dogs and selling dog equipment ever since. It was truly one of those serendipitous occasions where my passion became my business.

Anyway, that is a very brief summary of the who, what, when, where and why of All K-9. Obviously it as evolved over the years and I am very proud to say that customers who first took a chance and ordered from me, still do today. I think that really is the main difference that sets All K-9 apart… Not only do I use the equipment but I care about everyone else who uses the equipment and built a company based on providing the best and friendliest customer service possible.