EVO Bite Sleeves

Over the years I have used many different bite sleeves. They all share some basic similarities but they also have some qualities (weight, bite bar size, bite bar angle and handle angle) that make them unique. However, bite sleeve preference often depends on how a sleeve “feels” which is subjective but inherently related to that sleeve’s unique qualities… In fact, many helpers can close their eyes, put a sleeve on and tell you what it is just by the weight and fit. Well there is a new sleeve in town and it is absolutely the nicest sleeve I have ever worn.

Introducing the EVO line of bite sleeves. After trying so many sleeves over the years you begin to think that nothing new will ever come along… However putting on an EVO sleeve is an epiphany. For the first time you understand what a bite sleeve should “feel” like. It is lightweight, the handle is at just the right angle and the bite bar automatically falls into the correct natural position. And above all, it is the most comfortable sleeve you will ever put on.

evo bite sleeve

EVO sleeves come in 3 versions: Firm, Soft and Compression.
The EVO bite sleeve firm is the perfect training and trial sleeve. Its’ light weight, comfort and natural bite presentation will instantly make this your favorite sleeve. The EVO bite sleeve soft is excellent for building confidence and encourages full, firm grips. It is the ideal precursor to the firm sleeve. The compression sleeve is very soft and is designed to help dogs have fun and enjoy protection work.

Note: All EVO bites sleeves require EVO jute sleeve covers. All of our jute bite sleeve covers are made from the highest quality jute for durability and longevity.