Dog Harness Part 2

So we highlighted a couple of common misconceptions about dog harnesses in part 1, now let’s talk about the different types of dog harnesses. I will identify how each type of harness (or group of harnesses) differs in key areas like the back, the sides the belly and the chest.

Let’s start with the patrol dog harness, service dog vest and multi-purpose dog harness as they are all variations of the same type of dog harness. This group of harnesses all feature a nylon back piece that is lightweight, durable and padded for all day comfort. In additional to the standard nylon, we also have a breathable mesh fabric back piece that is excellent for warmer climates. On top of the back piece is an easy grip handle and a d-ring to attach a leash or long line. The sides typically have an area to attach Velcro service dog patches and may also feature additional d-rings depending on the harness. The belly strap is adjustable, within a certain range, by either slides or Velcro and features various types of release buckles making it easy to put the harness on and take it off. The chest strap is approximately 2″ wide and is usually adjustable, within a certain range, with either slides or Velcro. An optional Y-Strap can easily be used with these harnesses. A Y-Strap connects the chest strap to the belly strap providing more stability between the straps.


This type of dog harness is extremely popular because of its versatility. It is used by law enforcement, the military, service dogs and even for dog sports like schutzhund. The chest strap is wide making it comfortable for your dog during moderate pulling, the handle on top is easy to grab and the adjustable straps allow you to get a proper fit for your dog. The back piece is lightweight and does not impede the dogs movement when running, jumping, sitting or even laying down. The Velcro strips on the sides, if equipped, allow you to prominently display service dog patches like police, service dog and do not pet. And this dog harness comes in a wide variety of colors including black, blue, coyote brown, gray, orange and red. You can see all of our harnesses here: Dog Harness

In our next post we will discuss protection dog harnesses which are designed for strong pulling and have 5 points of adjustment.

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