Dog Tugs Part 1

We get a lot of questions about tugs… Which size is best? Which material is best? Should I get one handle or two? So I thought I would write a little about the most popular types of tugs we carry. However, before we start, it is important to note that tugs are not chew toys. A dog can destroy a tug in mere seconds if allowed to chew on it no matter what material it is made of. Tugs are intended to be interactive dog toys where you reward the dog with the tug, play a little “tug of war” and then have the dog release the tug or hold it calmly and firmly (but no chewing)…

Tugs come in many different shapes, sizes and materials but they are all generally designed for one purpose, to reward the dog. And which tug you choose largely depends on what you are doing. You can see all of the tugs we carry here: Tugs & Wedges

Let’s discuss the different materials first and then we’ll discuss the different shapes and sizes in another post…

Bite suit material, also referred to as French Linen, is a fabric blend that is very durable but still soft to the touch. Bite suit material is not just for making bite suits, it is the most popular dog tug material and it is also used to make sleeves, wedges and sleeve covers. It comes in different colors (black, blue, lime green) and holds up very well. They come in 1 handle, 2 handle and bungee handle versions.
bite suit tug

Yellow fire hose is a very tough, durable and strong material. Yellow fire hose tugs are great for hard biting dogs but it can be a little too tough for young dogs. One of the coolest things about yellow fire hose tugs is that they float making them great tugs for dock diving or just having fun at the pool or lake. They come in no handle, 1 handle, 2 handle and bungee handle versions.

yellow fire hose tug

Jole material is a very durable cotton material that comes in bright colors (like blue, lime green and pink). Jole is relatively new and similar to bite suit material but with a tighter weave making them a little more firm. They are excellent tugs and gaining in popularity. They come in 1 handle, or 2 handle versions.

jole pink tug

Jute is a natural fiber that is commonly used in making sleeve covers but has also been used to make tugs and wedges. There are different types of jute with the main difference being the weave pattern used to make the jute. A large, loose weave is used for making sleeve covers and bite wedges and a small tight weave is used for making tugs. The most popular jute tugs are the rolled jute tugs and the braided jute rope tugs. However, in general, jute tugs are not as colorful or as soft as bite suit tugs, they don’t float like fire hose tugs and are not as durable as jole tugs, so they are becoming less and less popular. They come in no handle, 1 handle and 2 handle versions.

jute tug

Synthetic fire hose tugs are made from white, indoor fire hose and are very strong but softer and narrower than the yellow fire hose tugs. The white fire hose material is smoother and less abrasive than the yellow fire hose material making them more suitable for any age or temperament of dog. They also float making them a popular tug for obedience training or just having fun. They come in no handle, 1 handle, 2 handle and bungee handle versions.
synthetic fire hose tug

Next time we’ll discuss the different shapes and sizes of tugs and what they are good for.

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