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Police Dogs

A police dog is trained specifically to assist police and other law-enforcement personnel in their work. Police dogs are often referred to as "K-9s". The most commonly used breeds are the German Shepherd, and the Belgian Malinois. In many jurisdictions the intentional injuring or killing of a police dog is a felony and a growing number of law-enforcement organizations outfit dogs with bullet proof vests, police badges and ID collars. Furthermore, a police dog killed in the line of duty is often given a full police funeral.

Basic Police Dog Equipment List

Police Dog Training Equipment

All police dogs must first become experts at basic obedience training. They must obey the commands of their handler without hesitation. This is what keeps the inherent aggression of the dog in check, and allows the officer to control how much force the dog is using against a suspect. A police dog must also make it through obdedience and agility training, protecton training and scent detecton training. Basic obedience training supplies include a leather collar, a choke collar or fursaver, a prong or pinch collar, an electric collar, agitation muzzle, patrol harness or duty harness, traffic lead, obedience leash and a tracking line. For protection training, the decoys wear bite suits, bite sleeves, hidden sleeves and leg sleeves, muzzle vests, bite suit helmets and use protection sticks. Since many dogs are trained to be dual purpose, a basic training class will also include scent detection training for narcotics and explosives. Scent dectection training aids are used to stash the scent and the dog is rewarded with a tug or ball when locates and alerts the handler. In additon to their specialized training, each dog must also be acclimated to daily life, because a dog that's nervous around people won't make a good police dog. There are many sources for additional information on police dog training including numerous books and videos.

Police Dog History

European police forces were using bloodhounds as early as the 18th century. It wasn't until World War I that countries like Belgium and Germany formalized the training process and started using dogs for specific tasks, such as guard duty. The practice continued through World War II. Soldiers returning home brought news of the well-trained dogs being used by both sides of the conflict. Soon, K-9 programs were begun in London and other cities across Europe. The use of police dogs didn't gain a foothold in the United States until the 1970s. Today, police forces in most major cities use police dogs to track criminals, sniff out illegal materials, search buildings, and do other jobs human police officers can't do as well as a dog can. Few dogs are asked to give as much of themselves as police dogs.

Why Use Police Dogs?

A dog's sense of smell is almost 50 times more sensitive than a human's. A dog can sniff out criminals, drugs, weapons, and bombs in situations where a human officer would have to search every inch, a dangerous task. While a police dog is on a drug sweep, he can cover a lot of area very quickly. It would take human officers 10 times as long to search the same area, and they'd still never find everything a dog can sniff out.

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