by Customer on 03/03/2020
Best leash I have ever used! The anti-slip grip and thinner leash makes it way more comfortable and easier walking my dogs. I would highly recommend!!
by Customer on 01/03/2020
Great leash I have a variety of lengths and thicknesses. Well made and great for training and walks. The thickness is good for training and the thinner size is good when practicing with little corrections although it is a sturdy leash. Love all the sure grip leashes- keep coming back for more!
by Customer on 01/03/2020
Great leash I have a variety of lengths . Well made and break for training and walks.
by Heidi Thrailkill on 12/31/2019
I love it. I have a large, strong Doberman who does scent work. This leash gives me the added grip with no slippage when it gets wet or slobbered on. It’s perfect????
by Michael Ellison on 12/02/2019
This is a great leash and wish I had gotten one earlier. It is perfect for wet conditions. Hate getting my leather leashes wet and the biothane ones are very slippery when wet. This is a perfect compromise in that getting wet it dries quickly and is not slippery.
by R Narciso on 12/01/2019
Nice weight and thickness. Quality hardware. Appropriately named - Sure Grip! Perfect for changeable New England weather. Feels good in the hand. Prior to this we exclusively used leather leashes but they can get slippery when wet. Excellent service and prompt delivery!
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