by Laci on 01/02/2015
I bought this because my mother's dog also (like one of the reviewers below me) loved to chase cars and I and my mother would lose track of it. This product worked pretty quickly for my mother's dog....highly recommend it.
by Kay on 11/02/2015
We bought this collar for our dog a few months ago. We live in a very rural area so the dogs around here are free to roam as they please. One of our dogs loved to chase cars. I mean stand in the road like Cujo and try to rip the car apart. This collar has helped tremendously in keeping the dog under control. We actually took the collar off the dog, and if he goes to take off after cars we pick up the remote and he lays down. Great product for any dog. I definitely like the quality of the Dogtra.
by Tom on 10/12/2015
This thing works great and is waterproof perfect for training water dogs. I love mine.
by Customer on 01/23/2015
I decided to spend the money and get the Dogtra Field Star. It works Fantastic!! You certainly get what you pay for. Thank you All K-9
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