by Customer on 10/08/2020
My 19 month old bred by golden retriever loves this toy! Excellent training tool. Looking forward to see how it holds up.
by Annette Fry on 10/06/2020
My 1 year old border collie is very timid and selective about what she plays with. She loves this tug toy and it helps to bring out more drive.
by JStory on 07/01/2020
My AS loves this one two. She loves a good game of tug a war and it has saved my It seems well made, though I wish the handle was a little longer and fleece a little bigger.
by Customer on 05/23/2020
Solid construction of bungee and handle. Sheep skin itself sheds a lot with normal/light tugging. The sheepskins I’ve had in the past haven’t shed this much, so perhaps this one is a fluke. Puppy loves it and his tugging game has gotten much better!
by Susan Willis on 05/22/2020
My cattle dog/boarder collie mix dog loves this tug. This is her favorite play activity. She fetches it and we play tug. I use it as a reward when training. The quality is outstanding. I will purchase another when it wears out. I highly recommend this product.
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