by Customer on 08/25/2020
I’m a horse person and Herm Sprenger has been a go-to brand for me for a long time. This collar is true to their brand, and very well-made. I purchased the 2.25 version in black, and it’s very discrete on my Doberman cross. He’s not a major puller, so this works well for us. But, it may be a little too light for a large, heavy pulling breed. The easy-on design is much nicer than having to bend links to put on a traditional prong collar. But, you do still have to slip it over their head. I wish it had a clip of some sort to avoid this. I could have purchased the clip design, but I still like the chain action of this design. It’s nice to have great options to choose from. All k-9 shipped very quickly. I’m located in WI, and I received this 4 days after I ordered.
by Suzi Schaefers on 08/13/2020
Why didn't I invent this long ago! Lol Great idea! Thank you for finally making a prong collar for people with weak fingers,or unruly dogs! Only issue I could see is the added pressure on the snap, coming from different directions.
by Lauren on 07/17/2020
This collar is perfect, extremely easy to put on and great quality! I originally ordered the incorrect size collar for my dog, and All-K9 responded to me email and helped me place the correct order. Great customer service!
by S. McLellan on 06/17/2020
This is the best quality prong collar. I love the new "easy on" design. My hands have a difficult time with the older style, this is so perfect. The black stainless color is really beautiful. I like how the color blends into my German Shepherds coat. I actually lost this collar on a trip up North, and came home and ordered it again. I Love it so much.
by Glenn Shirey on 11/24/2019
good quality as always form Herm Spenger, takes some getting used to, bought for my wife and daughter who have trouble with opening the links
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