by JStory on 07/01/2020
I purchased three toys and this one is my dog's favorite. She is not real enthused about playing fetch but she engages more with this toy than her frisbee. However she snuck it away for only a few minutes the day I got it and almost severed the handle in two. My bad.
by Maria on 06/10/2020
She loves this tug. She has not destroyed it yet. I like the length of the handles and that they are sewed on well.
by Gustavo on 05/31/2020
MY dog loves this toy. I use it for some basic obedience but mostly for engaged play. The design allows for me to control it well and give her a great object to bite on to. My only regret was not ordering more.
by Jessica on 02/17/2020
I have several of these and they're great. They're very durable and the 2 handles make it easy to hold onto.
by Scott on 02/14/2020
Good price, good product and fairly qui shipping. I will return as a customer. Thank you!
by M.Y. on 07/05/2019
I purchased this toy for my 3 year old GSD male. The tug is fantastic. The french linen is nice and soft and doesn't abrade his teeth. The tug is nice and fat and fits nicely in the back of his mouth. I got the one with double handles and can play without having to put on gloves or extra protection on my hands. The handles are the perfect length to keep the hands away from the edges of the tug and my dog learned very quickly to focus on the thick tug instead of on the handles/hands. I have used frisbees, rope tugs and balls for training but wish I had used this tool right from puppyhood. It's awesome and I use it to play "the game" Balabanov style. It's perfect!
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