by Annie on 11/11/2019
My dog is not a breed that naturally tugs but he loves this toy so much he went crazy with it!
by Michael Ellison on 09/22/2019
I was not sure about this toy but because it is popular decided to try. Puppy absolutely goes bonkers over it. Surprisingly it also improve her bite since she stuffs her mouth full of it and grasps with all her teeth.
by on 06/30/2019
My boy is nuts about this.
by Jane on 05/16/2016
All of my puppies love this toy!
by Sandra Hill-Pellanda on 06/13/2008
My golden pup LOVES this toy.....the only thing left of it is the rope and she is bringing it to me wondering where the rest of it is. All in all it lasted about 5 mos. Not bad....I am buying two this time.
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