by Noel on 03/14/2015
The only regret I have is not buying this product earlier. My problems could have been solved months earlier. Her behavior completely changed even during the first few minutes of wearing the collar. It took me around 3 days to finally get the results I wanted. I couldn?t believe how quickly she was able to understand how the collar works. I?ve only been using the pager mode on her. What I like most about it is that it works perfectly on her and there?s no shock involved. I highly recommend this product.
by Jack C. on 06/18/2015
Using this collar has gotten my dogs attention and makes it so much easier to work with him and train with him than when I didn't use a collar. It works great in the field and in the water.
by Mary on 01/22/2015
This collar is effective, very user-friendly, gentle on the dog (with the several levels of correction to choose from, you can pick the least level that your dog can detect) and very durable. What more can I say, this product is perfect! It worked without a hitch from day 1 of training until we completed the training of my dog. It was my first time to use a collar but I had no problems with using it. The instructions were very clear and the buttons were strategically placed. It holds charge like forever. I think there was a time that I only charged it once in a span of two weeks. It?s really great. We?re planning to get another dog and I?m so excited to use the collar on him too. Great product! Highly recommended.
by Customer on 04/20/2013
wonderful product , never seen another better, but the batteries tend to go low after 24 hours
by M. John on 01/04/2015
This is a sturdy reliable collar. I have used a few others, and this collar is leaps and bounds above all else. I am astonished by the range, and currently having a very sensitive dog, the ability for very low level stimulation. I am impressed. You will be impressed. Also, is a great website...Keep up the good work!
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