by Michele on 12/02/2015
I've tried all of the electronic bark collars on the market on my Pomeranian barkers and none of them worked as well as this Dogtra. I've been using these collars for months and months now and they are fantastic. They recharge quickly and effectively and last a long time. Plus they are super easy to put on and adjust. Winning!
by Connie on 10/30/2015
We bought the Dogtra No Bark collar for our cavalier king charles spaniel. Our dog barked enough to drive everyone crazy and we could never get him to stop. After only one day wearing this collar he would bark but after getting the warning vibration he would immediately stop. He doesn't seem to mind wearing the collar but I always take the collar off at night. Worked great for us.
by Kayla on 08/04/2014
We've used many other no-bark collar brands over the years and this Dogtra YS300 model for small dogs is the bees knees. Love the fact it is re-chargable. Our miniature dog is approx 15 pounds and this collar fits perfectly. Our dog quickly learned and now we just use the "vibrate mode." You also have the ability to use "vibrate only" or "vibrate & correct." Our neighbors love it as much as we do.
by Megyn on 06/24/2014
I have two hounds that love to bark! These collars have really helped them to be quiet outside. I love that they can be set to vibrate. Very good training tool.
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