by M Ross on 06/03/2009
This is a must for power chewers!!!!!!! My first Kong was a king size red Kong which lasted 12 years through numerous German Shepherds that would play with it often. When it finally gave out I bought more king size red ones, but they did not last even a year before my power chewer girls could rip off large chunks. Then we tried the black Kongs for power chewers. The rubber was harder than the red Kong rubber and the girls were able to destroy those even faster. Then we bought the next size down red Kongs thinking that the smaller size would fit in their mouths better so they couldn't chew the bottom third off. These lasted longer, but the girls could have them only under supervision. After a year the red Kongs wore out and the girls were able to tear them apart. So we switched to rawhide rolls. But when you have 6 dogs you just can't afford to give them rawhides every day. A year goes by and one of my girls ends up at the emergency vet hospital, on death's door due to a blockage in her intestine. The cause of the blockage was a chunk of red Kong that had sat in her gut for a year!!! and finally stopped up everything. Thankfully, she survived the $2k surgery just fine. Then we heard about a new blue Kong that would show up on x-rays. Had a hard time finding it on the net, it wasn't even on the Kong website. Finally found it on a vet website and the girls have been enjoying them for about 18 months now. I can leave my power chewers with the blue Kongs while they're in the yard unsupervized. The blue Kongs are just now beginning to show some wear and tear so I'm ordering new x-large ones. The rubber in the blue Kongs seems to hold up better than either the black or red Kongs, at least when it comes to my power chewing German Shepherds. I needed a dog toy that they could play with while they are in the yard during the day with little supervision. They have been able to destroy (at least begin to before being taken away) all other types of dog toys. They LOVE their Kongs and that is why I kept trying the different types of Kong balls. The solid round red Kongs balls are great for their inside toys. So if you have a true power chewer, I highly recommend the blue Kong toy. And if for some reason your dog does swallow a chunk at least it will show up on the x-ray and your dog won't have to be opened up and had their entire gut gone through to find the problem. The vet will know from the x-ray exactly where the chunk is located. The silver dollar size chunk of red Kong my one dog swallowed did not show up clearly on the x-ray.
by Debbie on 04/14/2009
My dog absolutely loves this Kong!
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