by Fredd on 06/30/2019
Product so far is living up to it's standards. I'll remove in a day or so and see what happens. I will clean ears and reapply support if necessary.
by Customer on 06/23/2019
We found the forms to be fine. The dog I’m working with has a heavy ear. We are going to try two supports on each side. So far this is the only thing that doesn’t bother him or he doesn’t tear out. Fast delivery. I was going to try another company with the same product but I was happy with this company
by Customer on 06/20/2019
Very good product recommended
by Susanne on 06/16/2019
We only used one for our 5-month-old German Shepherd puppy. She has one ear that would only be upright when she was alert and playing outside. She's had the ear form in for over one week and has not noticed it. It fell out once because she was playing really hard with our other dogs and it wasn't glued enough. I just re-glued and popped it back in. So far so good. She is almost done teething and will keep it in as long as possible. These forms made it so much easier to correct her floppy ear compared to other suggestions (gluing the ears together, putting in foam curlers to keep it up, etc.).
by max on 06/11/2019
good services ,fast, great!!!
by Kristine on 06/09/2019
These are fantastic!!! I tried every DIY home method from the breathe strips to molefoam to just taping and nothing was strong enough & comfortable enough she would leave it in. At 7 months, with totally floppy ears from a combination of poor genetics and being extremely sick and malnourished as a puppy (she was a rescue), I was about to give up, but decided to try these. They don't bother her at all and at 8.5 months it looks like the ears are going to FINALLY stay up!
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