by Courtney Walger on 01/17/2020
the forms work great. it is thin and lightweight. my dog tolerates them better than my homemade stands. gave 4 starts because they are pricey!
by Annette Hall on 11/16/2019
Perfect for my German shepherd's lazy ear.
by on 11/13/2019
I am a breeder of Great Danes and sometimes I crop my entire litter and sometimes just a couple. Taping and posting is very time consuming and frustrating. I discovered these ear supports and my life is so much easier. I also send them to my new puppy buyers having trouble posting their puppies ears and I also let them know where to get them. You glue them on with Torbots skin glue and that's it. Before long your puppies or older dogs ears will be standing. Some in a months time some a little longer. Thanks for a great product.
by Customer on 09/16/2019
These are great ear supports. So light in weight, the puppies don’t mind them at all.
by Customer on 08/24/2019
Great product, speedy delivery!
by on 08/04/2019
Great soft foam ear inserts...much better than foam curlers & popsicle sticks. You must follow the instructions for the Osto-bond skin bond glue exactly!
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