by max on 06/11/2019
good services ,fast, great!!!
by Kristine on 06/09/2019
These are fantastic!!! I tried every DIY home method from the breathe strips to molefoam to just taping and nothing was strong enough & comfortable enough she would leave it in. At 7 months, with totally floppy ears from a combination of poor genetics and being extremely sick and malnourished as a puppy (she was a rescue), I was about to give up, but decided to try these. They don't bother her at all and at 8.5 months it looks like the ears are going to FINALLY stay up!
by vintar german shepherds on 05/24/2019
I have had a few dogs taped and hated the whole process. This method is alot more gentle and less irritating to the dog.
by Cathy on 05/12/2019
They work great!
by M. Nickelson on 05/12/2019
Great product! Our GSD suffered an ear injury, and a hematoma formed, the ear flopped over. I had the ear drained, then bandaged the ear with the support in it. The blood drained, as now it was not crimped, and it's healing up and straight again. Very pleased with the product.
by Todd Miller on 05/10/2019
5 star love them and washable thank u so much
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