by Amalla on 03/12/2012
When I first spoke with dog trainers they suggested this but I was very wary because it looks scary. However I took their advice and Im never looking back...Its a miracle I can keep my crazy dog under control.
by Dog Mom on 08/02/2012
This is a great training collar. My dog training instructor recommended I get this for my large lab puppy. This collar works! It doesn't hurt him, just gets his attention. The prongs are rounded. Don't get the cheap made ones at pet stores, this brand is worth the money. He is now walking so much better on leash and responds to our "leave it" commands with a gentle reminder. Worked so well I got a smaller one for my setter.
by Brad on 05/18/2013
It works well. It's easy to remove a pinch if you need to make it smaller. The build quality seems very good, especially considering that it's very reasonably priced. It causes my dog no discomfort while wearing it normally and now she walks right next to me. The prongs can become unhooked so use a backup collar like the dominant dog collar.
by Jerrold O. on 02/22/2013
I'm very pleased with this item. Works just as advertised and is made out of high quality material.
by Laura on 09/15/2014
Received it fast and its just as advertised. It seems like a good collar, is easy to adjust for size and should be used carefully and cautiously. I would recommend this to others!
by Alice W. on 06/17/2015
I've used this collar on my German Shepherd puppy since she was about 3 months old. She's 7-month old now and weighs about 55 lbs. It has worked great -- she never pulls on the leash. If she wanders around, a little tug brings her right back. This is a high-quality collar made from stainless steel, and I've never had it come loose but it can happen. Make sure to use the right number of links.
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