by Customer on 10/18/2020
Very happy with this product. Works very well.
by Customer on 06/02/2020
Just received it in the mail. Tried it on my dog that was a bad puller and chaser. Tried correcting without HS prong collar and no luck. Great results, I ordered extra links and collar is on loose side, but still does it’s job of correcting. Have read HS Germany is best you can buy. Tips are not sharp unlike some off brand ones I looked at some stores. Also read on some reviews you can get knock offs online claiming to be HS. Allk-9 HS collar is original says HS made in Germany and also has orange HS mark on it. Highly recommend, tried it out on myself before dog to see how bad it hurt when pulled. Just remember not to have it on when dog is unattended. Good service fast shipping. Thank-you Veterans for your service.
by klaus on 05/30/2020
the real deal not some cheap knock off
by Jamil Fudge on 04/28/2020
Works great. Easy on and off and my dog likes it too.
by Customer on 02/07/2020
Wow. Wish I tried a prong collar sooner. Walking my dog used to be so stressful... immediately it corrected her bad behaviors and now we enjoy our walks.
by Customer on 09/26/2019
Have used HS for years and they are definitely the best.
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