by Jessica on 07/26/2019
Absolutely love! Fits my standard poodle perfectly, and works great for bite sports and tracking. Will be buying a second one for my other dog!
by Paul on 11/23/2010
This is a high quality harness. It is well thought out, fits our Malinois well (55 lbs., we chose the small size) and the padded leather breast plate is a pure bonus over the single front strap designs out there for almost as much money. The adjustable velcro straps are also a great design idea. We may need to trim a little off the front straps to get the underbelly harness moved just a bit forward, but easily done and no big deal if we don't ever do it. I wouldn't suggest this design for a dog much under 50 or so pounds as the small just barely fits our dog. Finally, the 2" nylon belly belt is pinch and rub-free and the buckle is high quality so we no longer worry about a buckle coming unsnapped and "Maggie" running away or attacking someone. This fits so well, Maggie doesn't care if it's on, or if it's off. Recommended.
by Wayne, USMC Water Rescue on 05/28/2010
Thank you ALL K9 I called to order a Dual Purpose Redline K-9 Patrol and Tracking Harness last week and almost made the mistake of ordering a med for my 60lb female doberman. After talking to one of your staff on the phone they told me to go with a small. I was a little unsure but said OK. My new harness came yesterday. I took it out and fit in on my dog. Wow it fits like a glove with room to grow into it if needed it. Thank you again for all you help.
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