by Marie G on 10/20/2020
I bought this leash in both the 4'x 3/4" size and the 6'x 1" size. We generally use a 4' leash for walks, and a 6' for other activities. Both of these leashes are impressively made, being very sturdy and having excellent quality leather. I told a friend they could probably handle a yak race across Mongolia. After using various leashes I've come to the conclusion that leather is better, more responsive to handling a dog, and the braiding on these leashes adds to even better handling. I am happy to have found these. Thank you!
by Christina F on 10/14/2020
I received this leash about two weeks ago and am really happy with the feel and quality of this leash. It doesn't feel like I'll need any breaking in period, it is soft out of the box. The brass clip is sturdy. I bought it for my 49 lb. German Shorthair Pointer, but feel it would be sturdy enough for my 100 plus GSDs too. It has a lot nicer feeling on my hands and snap for corrections than nylon.
by Rhoda Bethany on 10/04/2020
Very well made. Strong but soft. Easy on the hands.
by Bea Fleureau on 08/29/2020
Best leash I've had yet
by Customer on 05/22/2020
Great leash very sturdy.
by Customer on 05/13/2020
This leash is perfection!!!
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