by Quin on 09/05/2015
I have 3 dogs and have previously used separate collars on the first 2 dogs. When I got the 3rd dog, I realized that it?s too much to have 3 collars separately for each dog. I looked for a good collar and settled with the Dogtra EDGE. It was perfect for my 3 dogs. Now I can handle all 3 of them with just one unit. We love to walk around so I was very happy to be able to walk them without a leash. And now I can do it even in relatively dark areas because this product has location lights that allow you to locate your dogs even in the dark. Amazing! Batteries are rechargeable. Saves me with the frequent trips to the store to buy replacements. I just have a few issues with the way they placed the stimulation and other dials/buttons. They are a bit awkward for my taste. But this is just a minor glitch for me. All in all, this is a great product.
by Kevin S. on 08/03/2015
I train a lot of dogs so I have to use this collar everyday from Monday to Sunday. Each training day lasts for around 8 hours so expect that battery will be drained fast. But I was expecting a lot more from this product. It only lasted 2 days so I have to recharge every other day. It?s really annoying how you have to use two hands to change the stimulation from momentary to continuous. To sum it all up, this collar just doesn?t fit the way that I work. Another thing, I usually train one dog at a time so the additional 3 dog feature is useless for me.
by Alan on 06/15/2015
This unit is great if you have more than one dog. You can use it for up to 4 dogs. I currently own two dogs and this product works pretty well. I?m amazed by the light function which helps me locate my dogs even in the dark. I also love that this product comes with rechargeable batteries. I?m also loving the color-coded buttons which corresponds to the collars that your dogs are wearing. Makes it easier to control your dogs. I?m knocking off 1 star from the rating because the unit is quite expensive. But other than that, this product performs excellently.
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