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Bite Suit Tug (3" x 10") 1 or 2 Handles

Bite Suit Tug (3" x 10") 1 or 2 Handles


I purchased this toy for my 3 year old GSD male. The tug is fantastic. The french linen is nice and soft and doesn't abrade his teeth. The tug is nice and fat and fits nicely in the back of his mouth. I got the one with double handles and can play without having to put on gloves or extra protection on my hands. The handles are the perfect length to keep the hands away from the edges of the tug and my dog learned very quickly to focus on the thick tug instead of on the handles/hands. I have used frisbees, rope tugs and balls for training but wish I had used this tool right from puppyhood. It's awesome and I use it to play "the game" Balabanov style. It's perfect!
on 07/05/2019 by M.Y.
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