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Bite Suit Iska Tug Puppy Wedge

Bite Suit Iska Tug Puppy Wedge


I freaking love this bit tug - or rather my six year old working line GSD - it's actually a great size for her and she is able to get a fantastic, full-mouth grip. I also like the softness of this product as Zara has some worn down teeth from all of the bite work she has done over the years and I don't have to worry that this pillow will wear them down too much more. In the past I have purchased other bite pillows for her and I simply didn't like the ultra rough texture - no good. I would absolutely recommend this product - the size also makes it really nice to use for play and reward. Probably will order another one soon just to have in my training bag at all times!
on 12/02/2019 by Customer
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