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Dog Ear Support Forms

Dog Ear Support Forms


Absolutely the best ear supports on the market. I have my 3 month old shepherd. His ears was the first up in the litter, strong as can be. But unfortunately one ear was got bit while playing with other dogs in the house. I gave it 2 weeks to come back up, no efforts and really didn't look like it was gonna do anything. So after 2 weeks of being bummed that I have a shepherd pup with a down ear I bought these wonderful supports. After about 3 weeks of the support in place I went ahead and removed it. Ear has been straight up ever since. Best $20 spent ever, plus the additional $15 from Amazon for the skin cement adhesive to glue in place. Only thing yall could've done better is have the glue on your site so others won't have to make multiple purchases. Have already recommended to all the other owners from the litter of pups the mine came from. Also your dog could be stubborn and it can be a little irritating to their ear give it 30 minutes and they forget its even there. Thanks again for making my shepherd a shepherd again
on 08/03/2020 by Connor
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