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Dual Purpose Patrol and Tracking Dog Harness

Dual Purpose Patrol and Tracking Dog Harness


This is a high quality harness. It is well thought out, fits our Malinois well (55 lbs., we chose the small size) and the padded leather breast plate is a pure bonus over the single front strap designs out there for almost as much money. The adjustable velcro straps are also a great design idea. We may need to trim a little off the front straps to get the underbelly harness moved just a bit forward, but easily done and no big deal if we don't ever do it. I wouldn't suggest this design for a dog much under 50 or so pounds as the small just barely fits our dog. Finally, the 2" nylon belly belt is pinch and rub-free and the buckle is high quality so we no longer worry about a buckle coming unsnapped and "Maggie" running away or attacking someone. This fits so well, Maggie doesn't care if it's on, or if it's off. Recommended.
on 11/23/2010 by Paul
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