Saturday 19 March, 2011

Kudos for your toy selections! Were it not for the toys you offer, my dobe puppy would not hve his favorite toys. I strongly commend the EGGE for high drive dogs who need to burn off energy -- Bear plays non-stop w/ the EGGE on the patio stopping only for water (outside only toy). Equally important is that the EGGE has improved his coordination -- from just batting it around he has learned to control it and loves to lift and balance it on his nose then throw it! The EXTREME BUNGEE DOG TOY is his baby -- not only is it a fun toy for both of us, he takes it with him from room to room, uses it for a pillow in his crate and must have it in the car. It washed nicely and after air drying, the squeaker still works. I have purchased several more to ensure that he always has his baby. Finally, the SOFTIE is his favorite indoor toy. He managed to pull the cover off almost immediately but the rubber is virtually indestructible and the variety of sounds he can obtain from the toy keeps him interested. The size and shape make it perfect for carrying, pouncing, nudging, tossing and retrieving. This is another toy that improves coordination and inspires imagination. I truly enjoy the physical and mental gowth these toys have provided my puppy.
Thanks, Jason, for your thoughtful and considered toy selections and, as always, for your service to our Country!
Testimonial By: Barbara Christiansen

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