Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Collar Easy On
  • Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Collar Easy On
  • Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Collar Easy On

Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Collar Easy On

  • Model: [SSPBEO]
  • Manufacturer: Herm Sprenger

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NEW! Herm Sprenger Black Stainless Steel Prong Pinch Collar Easy On. The Easy On Prong Collar is designed to slip easily over your dogs head. It is perfect for anyone that has problems opening the links in a traditional prong. Most importantly, the Easy On collar still maintains the martingale action (unlike a click lock or buckle prong collar).

Herm Sprenger collars are widely considered to be the best dog training pinch collar on the market today and this new black stainless steel prong pinch collar is no exception. The black stainless steel prong collar is a great tool for training and tends to blend in with the coat of a dark colored dog, making it less visible. Other companies may make prong collars, but none come close to the quality and performance of the Herm Sprenger line of collars.

Black Stainless Steel Prong Pinch Collar Easy On Sizes:
SSP2B 2.25mm, 14in
SSP3B 3.25mm, 21in

Black Stainless Steel Prong Pinch Collar Safety Notice: Prong collars can come unhooked at any link point. Therefore, it is also recommended to have a backup collar on the dog in addition to the prong collar. Dominant dog collars make excellent backup collars. Simply clip the leash to ring on the prong collar and the live ring on the dominant dog collar. That way if the prong collar comes unhooked accidentally, your leash is still connected to the backup collar.

We also carry the Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collar, the Herm Sprenger Ultra Chrome Prong Collar, and the Herm Sprenger Neck Tech Prong Collar Quick Release.


by Customer on 08/25/2020
I’m a horse person and Herm Sprenger has been a go-to brand for me for a long time. This collar is true to their brand, and very well-made. I purchased the 2.25 version in black, and it’s very discrete on my Doberman cross. He’s not a major puller, so this works well for us. But, it may be a little too light for a large, heavy pulling breed. The easy-on design is much nicer than having to bend links to put on a traditional prong collar. But, you do still have to slip it over their head. I wish it had a clip of some sort to avoid this. I could have purchased the clip design, but I still like the chain action of this design. It’s nice to have great options to choose from. All k-9 shipped very quickly. I’m located in WI, and I received this 4 days after I ordered.
by Suzi Schaefers on 08/13/2020
Why didn't I invent this long ago! Lol Great idea! Thank you for finally making a prong collar for people with weak fingers,or unruly dogs! Only issue I could see is the added pressure on the snap, coming from different directions.
by Lauren on 07/17/2020
This collar is perfect, extremely easy to put on and great quality! I originally ordered the incorrect size collar for my dog, and All-K9 responded to me email and helped me place the correct order. Great customer service!
by S. McLellan on 06/17/2020
This is the best quality prong collar. I love the new "easy on" design. My hands have a difficult time with the older style, this is so perfect. The black stainless color is really beautiful. I like how the color blends into my German Shepherds coat. I actually lost this collar on a trip up North, and came home and ordered it again. I Love it so much.
by Glenn Shirey on 11/24/2019
good quality as always form Herm Spenger, takes some getting used to, bought for my wife and daughter who have trouble with opening the links

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