Tugs & Wedges

Your dogs work hard for their reward, so make sure it's a good one. We carry the widest selection of dog tug toys and bite wedges available for any type of dog training. Bite suit dog tug, fire hose dog tug, jute dog tug, leather dog tug and synthetic dog tug.more info....
Redline K-9 tugs keep your dog animated and motivated. Dog tug toys are interactive toys (not chew toys) designed to give your dog extra motivation and a bigger reward. Our puppy tugs are a great way to play with your puppy and start teaching obedience. The larger double handle posting tugs and grip building tugs are perfect for strengthening your dog's grip and improving targeting. The synthetic tugs, flat rolled tugs, braided rope tugs and gripper tugs are easy to conceal for a quick reward during police dog scent detection work. The yellow fire hose tugs are tough, easy to see and they also float!
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